Jan. 19th, 2006

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CNN) -- Coffee makes many people feel alert, energized and even more cheerful, but can that steaming espresso, latte or cappuccino make you smarter?

Not exactly, researchers say, but studies show that it does give brain power a wake-up jolt.

"It allows you to use what brain power you have in a much more efficient and focused way," said Time magazine reporter Michael Lemonick, an avid coffee-drinker who's been looking at caffeine's effects on the brain for a recent article.


Joked about this the other day... caffine studies... what with knowing a neuroscientist and being somewhat a coffee drinker... huh, cool.
Still need a decent coffee icon. Ooo, someone may know - where can one such as I download a (free) software thingy* to make animated icons?

* Funnily enough, I wrote this whilst the coffee brewed. Must drink before writing. Yes.
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Chris Rock's "Quote of the Year"

"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the U.S. of arrogance, Germany doesn't want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named Bush, Dick, and Colon. Need I say more?"
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F@cking shoulder pain.
Yummy coffee!
Masquerade = mask shopping!
Starting work now. Really.
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Today I find myself BidWriting in the style of a Comedy Sketch.


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