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For "Rome"

Who? What? Why?
It's for an educational trip to Rome for an American Honour-Roll Advanced Latin student (Jasmine).
PurplePirate (single mother to Jasmine, herself a student of Computer Science) and her friends are fundraising for this.
The base target is a $2000.00
The exchange rate being what it is (double money! - UKĀ£10 is just shy of US$20) it seems pertinent to ask if any UK people would consider helping.
And if any of you were thinking of sending me so much as a card, please don't - spend the 50p or whatever here.

Working in the sector I am now much more reluctant to give money, as an individual, to charities*. I'd rather do this - give an amount I know will be recieved in full by the intended recipient. By pooling pounds we could give a sizeable chunk of this.

Learning beyond the classroom, seeing the subjects application in the real world, has a huge impact on students. The organisation I work for sees c.80% of residential course participants go on to university to study subjects related to the excursion (it's closer to 90% for the total who go on to uni). Participation in these opt-in schemes also helps (sometimes hugely) with gaining future academic funding and scholarships. In America that can equate to the difference between getting an education and not getting one.

The normal sized smallprint:
Not having recieved any payment through PayPal before I've set it up just for this. Everything recieved will go, in full, to PurplePirate.
I'm covering the PayPal charges.
When the money gets to Paypal I get an email notification to which I'll reply (so you what has been recieved and have a receipt).
Privacy will of course be respected.
Those donating will be kept informed.
Any questions / queries / concerns - comment here or email

* Working in the sector I am now much more reluctant to give money, as an individual, to charities - Why? Because it is not cost effective. It is cost effective to fundraise from high earning / value individuals, Trusts and Foundations, Statutory grant makers, businesses and other organisations, but not John or Jane Doe - the return on investment is just too small. A measureable difference is made through taking action and/or pooling funds - so we are doing exactly that!
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