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This was supposed to be a quick comment on a friends journal...


Having watched the whole debacle (Celebrity Big Brother, but specifically that argument), with much pause and rewinding, and double checking what was said...

Jade isn't racist. She didn't actually say anything racist. The clash between Jade and Shilpa was one of class, and Shilpa was in the wrong far more than Jade. Shilpa was the first to make personal insults, and her insults were far more scathing than Jade's. Jade's just loud, and ignorant, and the throw away "Shilpa Poppadom" thing the result of searching for a word and not finding it, so finding a low-grade insult instead - comparable to who ate all the pies.

Danielle is racist. It was Danielle who said racist comments, including "she should F off home". But that seems forgotten. Danielle was the one who was laughing during the arguement. It has also been Danielle who throughout CBB has made the occasional surprisingly cruel, nasty, racist etc comments about the others. I really do not like her.

That Jade has been so torn apart by the press I find worrying. Disgusting really. Miss-acusations conceal real hate. It was an argument that got out of hand, and Jade got a little clumsy with her language, where she had been trying very hard, and clearly doing so, being aware of her ignorance and trying to use the right phrases.

I'm not a Jade fan. But this is akin to someone crying rape - false accusations make it harder to spot and address real cases. Shouting about something that is not there conceals what is.
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