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2010-07-13 02:15 pm

On behalf of my people... ew

Are you sitting comfortably?

The WORLD (as seen on the Internet) is so full of WRONG about which I have PERSONAL OPINIONS & refer to personal experience of the graphic ew variety ) *

In other news: Elephants purr!

* Cut for being triggery , blunt, & use of very explicit language.
Public in the spirit of the personal is political, and if if not us, who? And if not now, when?
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2009-05-11 04:03 pm

(no subject)

Hello Dreamwidth! Why, don't you look a lot like LiveJournal of old, back when it was simple enough to use and hadn't got all titillated by advertising revenue!
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2007-03-12 12:31 pm

The red, red flag

One of those little stories that gets tucked away for it is a long way away and a few days old, but rioting in China is rarely insignificant.
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2007-02-14 10:19 am


Happy Valentine's Day!
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2007-02-06 10:45 am
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2007-01-25 11:35 am


Another "it was supposed to be a quick comment" post, but this time a living-dead-bee brain-worm.

Zom-Bee )
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2007-01-24 11:50 am

Popadoms and kebabs

This was supposed to be a quick comment on a friends journal...

Celebrity Big Brother 07 )
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2006-11-22 03:40 pm
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2006-08-31 12:52 pm

Not quite Hamlet

To renew the expiring paid account, or not to renew the expiring paid account?
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2006-07-27 05:47 pm

Take me dancing...

So who else is wearing skimpy designed-to-go-see-thru-when-wet summer attire, and will inevitably have to work until the torrent starts?
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2006-07-25 11:45 am
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2006-07-24 10:29 am

... tell me 'bout the plans you're makin'...

Good morning
This is not an update – this is a polite request for digest summaries of What Has Been Happening*.
I shall reciprocate later.
* Marks and Spencer style voiceover optional
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2006-07-10 12:19 pm

Happy Birthdays!

For I shall be away!
So this week,
Happy Birthday [ profile] cryx!!!
Happy Birthday [ profile] cornflakegirl23!!!
and for next week,
Happy Birthday [ profile] ditzy_pole!!!
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2006-07-10 11:59 am

Spreadsheets Evolution

Today the new contact relationship management database is going live.
People are of course losing data, and their tempers.
There is to be free ice-cream at lunchtime.
I do hope there is a food-fight.
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2006-07-10 09:05 am

Twas the day before the night before the journey before the visit before the Con...

Good morning
Less than 33 hours until train for oop norf.
Over 18 hours to work between now and then.
Leaving 14 hours in which to pack and tidy-up and travel between home / work / stations and eat and sleep (haha).
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2006-07-07 12:20 pm


Happy Birthday [ profile] ebq!