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There is coffee.
There is music.
There is a bathed, slightly damp, well moisturised and mildly scented, still naked, Kim.
And there is the dilema. I could go as Marilyn Monroe, but baby it's cold outside. So . . . outfits suitable for dancing in . . . and only 30 minutes . . . and I'm on LJ . . . and watching the puppies . . .
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I'm not insecure, I'm just freaking out

8 Women...
It's on C4
It's French...
There is singing and dancing...
With teddy bears and gingham...
Oh and a murder mystery...

No... no fear... desire to purchase...
"Chatting" is the new tea...
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Some things are worth posting about, some not. This is the latter. Yet I made colour printing happen. More, I made colour pictures. Even more, one of the colours was not red from my cut fingers.
There has been wrapping.
I should be in bed. I certainly should not be coming in here irritating you. I should be tidying and playing with pillowcases. And taking the rubbish out so as to avoid confusing the sacks.
I am tired. I need a bath. And when are Google switching on their lights! Com'on!!! Wa!!!
You remember that R Whites lemonade advert (I'm a secret lemonade drinker)... yeah? That's how I feel. Not that I have a lemonade fetish, but with the sneaking and being strangely high in the middle of the night... yeah.
So... I was with mother tpday then? Wow. You know, I couldn't tell...
Right, pillowcases!
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I've done probably my best work over the past few days.
Even the B!nt seems pleased, and less volatile / hostile.
I feel alive.

And well, yes, my lj so nur. This happy thing is shiny and new and pretty and I want to curl up somewhere and laugh til I cry (again).
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Jingle Bells  )
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Still busy... still happy...
I think more people should Tag their entries with Moose. Moose being the most popular winterfest tag would be funny.
I saw Ice Age last night. I now love Ice Age.
I really am very crazy busy today. I have been doing today what I'd usually expect (with standard admin and events stuff) to do over a week. 3 hours to go and three important things to do... but it is only me, and now my MP3's...

Here's something.
I'm liking Winterfest this year. Loving it even. Even the shopping has been fun. I'm so happy I feel high.


Dec. 21st, 2005 11:29 am
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Productive and Joyous... and just, quite simply, with all the complexity implied,
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Good morning!
I have a lot of work. I have good coffee. I have lunch and a fudge brownie. The heating is one and I am warm. The office is quiet and I am calm. This is all very nice. But today... it is as though the world is covered in glitter and smiles. And there is motivation.
Concentration... trickier... but the work is getting done.
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Good afternoon.
Work staff Christmas lunch.
Sat with the cool kids.
Exchanged sight for wine.
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It's not on LJ, and not in my inboxes. It's not with the coffee, even after hot water has been added. I can't see it in the piles of work on my desk. Anyone got any suggestions as to where my motivation might be?
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In brief: smoke and eat chocolate to stay healthy.

I am a Me

Dec. 19th, 2005 08:38 am
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When things begin to make sense I cease to.
Of course it provides poetry *grin*