Mar. 31st, 2005

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Do not underestimate the ferocity of my distain.
Nor my lack of regard for spelling.
I waited an hour to get into this place. I don't think I'll be coming back.
I am not feeling so bad about this now as I have been. I caught myself feeling guilty for not doing all the work I have been asked to do. I had to remind myself that I would do it, that I was in fact eager to do it because I know how badly it needs to be done. But when there is no one here to let me in or hand the work over to me, when they, the people for whom I am here as a favour, on the days they have asked me to be here, do not come in, do not make sure I can get in, I have to stop trying so hard.

BossLady has given me a carrot. Unsurprisingly I'd rather have that carrot* than this bullshit.

*Carrot = BossLady is not happy to hear what has become usual for me - this combination of waiting and doing donkey work, and as I am keen and there is a very great need, she is going to have me as her pet bid writer. There are trusts I can safely write bids for without stepping on any toes or causing any great losses. And we'll all be happy. It is no secret we (my project team) don't really intend to stay on after our project ends.
I just want to do something useful and progressive.

Right now I am too angry to care. Everytime I come to this place I want to walk out. They don't actually need an administrator here, they need a kick up the arese. A task well suited to a donkey.


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