May. 6th, 2005

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Oh yes there be politics! Politics!

Yellows should have stolen more Blues, and Red should not have lost Oona to Grey.
Blue's should have lost many.
Yellows should have closed in on the Blues.

So yes, I am annoyed by the number of people who obviously are not thinking, and the number of votes that fail to count.

I am also very pleased to still have the Reds in charge. I would be even pleaseder if there was a Yellow opposition. But it was closer than was comfortable, and Blues were closer than is hygenic.

Right, I'm off to visit [ profile] ebq as part of my Optrex for All campaign
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Work is becomming my main source of entertainment.

I could bemoan my current state of flux, and the recurring oddities. The obsurdity of it.

But I don't want to.

I love it.

To feel such passion...

And then I get an email letting me know that I won't know the result of Wednesday's interview until next Thursday because the BossMan is away. Hopefully he's off to light bonfires and meditate for guidance. *Mwahahahahaa*
It suits me very well! It give me a few days to negotiate here for the job I am now fairly well decided I do want.

Isn't it hateful?
I am one of those people who get's what they want, what they ask for.
My blessing, my curse
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I brought fresh coffee.
I can smell fresh coffee. Fresh ground fresh roasted happy-Guatamalan-people coffee.
The cup of instant I made on my return is only half drunk and wholly cold.
I knew i should wait and get the coffee on my way home. But I thought I would save some time and get it whilst I was on my way back from lunch. I knew, I knew I would be able to smell it all after noon. And I knew, I knew I would start craving a full pot of fresh roasted fresh ground happy-Guatamalan-people organic very dark roast coffee.
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For my interview on Monday I have to give a short presentation.
The task I was given today was to research funding sources for a community sports project.
The presentation for the interview is about the same thing.
I have spent the afternoon working on work that is also for my interview.

It feels strange.


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