Oct. 21st, 2005

Oh. Dear.

Oct. 21st, 2005 10:01 am
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Bad. Wrong. Lukewarm Death. 2 hours to finish bid. Less than 3 hours sleep. Must not curl up and die.
You know those nights when there is a discussion as to whether or not to catch the last train, and the fact that there is a discussion at all tells you you will not be catching the last train?
And somehow after that you end up at a gay bar playing pool until what o'clock in the morning at the complete wrong end of the city in an area you don't know south of the river where there are no cabs so you take a couple of night buses as no buses go directly to where you want to be and you don't get in until 4am and then have to wake up for work 3 hours later and work is really busy and full of deadlines and you really need to be performing well as you have time off booked for the week following, and you're going out that evening after work and its going to be a late night and tomorrow you have to be up early for motorcycle training?
And then you think you'll put a little note to yourself on your LJ so you can recall these times and laugh at yourself for such youthful folly when you are older and perhaps have forgotten that this folly does very little to make you feel at all youthfull. And the little note ends up taking 15 minutes to write because you really are struggling with being alive and end up with only 90 minutes to complete the bid and make enough coffee to stay awake.
But you have figgy biscuits so it can't all be bad.

And then this happens )
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And suddenly the world is so very quiet. BossLady is away, most others are away or in meetings. I could be very very busy this afternoon. I could get away with doing very little indeed. Hmm.


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