Mar. 10th, 2006

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Hinterwebs - working (with changed settings)
Spreadsheet - not my problem (for a few hours)
Coffee - 10oz (Cymru with Red Wyvern rampant)
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Since the spreadsheet became not-my-problem and the internet started working again, how much work has Kim done?

1 - well, I'd say she was working her cotton sockies off for she hasn't even the time to create a proper poll!

2 - well, I'd say none, seeing as she hasn't even bothered to create a proper poll. Lazy b!nt!

3 - well, if she can be bothered to post, there is probably a ToDo list, and the right folder out, and now she just wants to procrastinate a bit, let her mind retune. She is, after all, now in her 44th working hour this week*, and this is her first actual break.

* Office hours - so not including time spent last weekend, whilst commuting, or in the evenings.
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It's back
The spreadsheet
And now there is going to be a meeting about it
The spreadsheet
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Inside my brain is breaking
Sanity may be flaking
But the spreadsheet
It goes on
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Oh now I know it will all be fine. It is always all fine. Yup. Fine it will be.
But it is now past five, and I want to leave in about an hour. I know it will be past six before I go. And then my 50 hours-working-in-the-office-this-week will be over. There is still a lot to do, and I have bid stuff I'll need to work on this weekend despite being away. I'll fit a few hours brain-storming in somewhere, and some drafting would be good. Monday's a wipe out bid-wise, and the deadline is Friday..
Yet now with an hour to go why am I here, posting, again. It is not because I have finished. It is because B!nt is in a meeting and the Shinies have gone home. And I have Questions. Questions that are holding up the printing. The printing that needs to be done by Monday morning. Before I leave. Tonight.
There is a pub by Victoria that has Youngs on tap. I want this beer.
I have taken codine. The twitching has stopped, and I no longer feel dizzyfaint. Did I mention the beer?
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Yup. 50th hour at my desk working this week.


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