Jul. 14th, 2005

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So I have about 12 hours left in this job. I am obviously very, very busy *ahem*
Third and final interview this morning. I am sure interviews are not supposed to be quite so enjoyable as these three have been. I will be contacted later today. Apparently I will be written to today as well. Does this mean I have the job? It seemed rude to ask, and rather fun to wait and find out! Oh yes I've been bemoaning all the stress, but, well, some of this is quite fun.

In Other But Related News, appologies to [livejournal.com profile] mejoff for being so very scatty and assuming telepathy was an established means of communication.

MOTORBIKE! *brrrmrmrmrmrrmmm*
We went for a ride... She works! She is in pretty damn good condiction for a fifteen year old. And she is mine if I want her. I want her. I am taking someone who has actually got a licence and knows about bikes to check it out prior to handing over any money though! *pretty*

I am a Bad Person.
A Very Bad Person.
For today at noon there is to be a two minutes silence and we are all going outside. This is not, despite the little voice in my head, a cigarette break. However, I think I may compromise by taking out A Cup Of Tea.

I think I'm off to paddle in the Styx
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One of the benefits of leaving a job that has hitherto unknown to me:
People buy you lunch. And let you spod openly.
Hmm. I don't have plans for this evening. How strange. Okay, there is still work to be done, and lots of sorting to do, but there may also be some lounging and DVD watching and oh my ~writing~
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*looks at time*
*looks at phone*
So, Place Bets Now! What job will Kim be doing?

Or should Kim say "sod it all", go buy The Motor Bike and ride into the distance screaming? (It does 55 miles per gallon, and that means I could fill Her up and go 247.5 miles with Her 45.5 horses. Fun! Oh, it's a "naked bike"...)

Hmm. I have a ToDo list now. Bah.

Hmm. Yes. Life. Odd stuff eh.
Oh, plans!


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