Aug. 30th, 2005

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Good morning!
The office is very quiet today, which is wonderful, as I have a silly amount of work to do. It was inevitable. When the Boss(es) are away, for three weeks, of course everything is left for the last week. This is that last week. It is a very short week. Only a half week due to bank holidays, leave and a doctors appointment. There is quite a lot to do. But the lot is article writing and further fund research and tidying (so it looks like I have done lots for three weeks not three days).
Sometimes the mood-swings of PMS are useful.
As is waking to a dream, and finding it to be real.
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Of course what I actually want to be doing is sitting in bed with [ profile] roadkillgerbil, a duvet, and many books and writing materials. The office is so quiet I could get lots and lots done. I shall finish my coffee and then stop looking at bikepr0n and move lots of paper off my desk and into files. For in the one hour in the train this morning I did about two weeks work. Yup. Fun. I shall do most of this weeks by the time I get home. Yup. Fun. Dandy perhaps.

My job sounded much more exciting when I told the Neals Yard herbalist I sold children to rich men.


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